Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Believe it or not, I can't always be on my laptop.
Well, I can . . . but I would also have to have a toddler on my lap and it is not very productive.
And I have two older children who require,  you know, attention and stuff.

But . . . I have picture books and poems and novels and critiques to write!!!

What to do? What to do?

Meet two of my bestest writing buddies:

"Clip" and "Dotty".

"Clip" is a 99 cent clipboard I bought at the grocery store. As you can see, he has been decorated with beautiful toddler scribbles. I take him along on stroller rides around the circle, trips to the park, pool, library, and swimming lessons. Oh, yes, "Clip" has been to more swimming lessons than you can count!

"Dotty" is a plastic lap desk I purchased from ROOM IT UP, but they are also available other places, such as Amazon. The bottom is filled with foam beads for comfort and I especially love that I can keep a glass of ice water in her while I'm working. "Dotty" comes along for every car ride (the ones where I'm NOT driving, of course), snuggles with me in bed, and rocks with me on the back porch.

And that is how I GET my writing done with kids!

Have any tips on getting things done with the kiddos around? Leave me a comment!

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