Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MY LABOR DAY WEEKEND (IN PICTURES) and yes, I get a little sentimental

Quiche! Hubby made this one. It looked so pretty (and yummy) with the sun shining on it that I had to take a picture. Hubby thought I was nuts for wanting to photograph our breakfast. 

Our visitor! In my toddler's bathtub. Do you see it? Yikes! I was not happy about this, but we live in the desert and we get a few in our house every year, so I have learned not to freak out so much anymore.

Cute stuff for PROJECT WRITING NOOK! I painted these wooden squares and little dresser and then decoupaged them with pages from James Witcomb Riley's poem THE LOST KISS. It is one of my favorites and I have two reasons why: 

1. My grandfather (who was a writer) gave me AFTERWHILES a collection of poetry by James Whitcomb Riley in which THE LOST KISS appears. My grandfather passed away two and a half years ago and this is a way for me to remember him everyday as I write. 

2. You probably think THE LOST KISS is one of those sappy love poems about a guy who is about to kiss a girl in the rain or some other romantic scene, but then the girl runs away and he never gets the kiss, right?
 Wrong. It's not. At all. 
It is a poem about a father and writer (Riley himself) who is sitting at his desk trying to do his work, which, in this case, is writing a new poem. His young daughter comes in, asking for a kiss goodnight, and he scolds her for bothering him. 

I relate to this poem better than anything I've read. For how many times in my life am I busy doing something and one of my children need me and I forget what is most important in life???
(I know what you're thinking, people--this post after you just wrote one last week about how to fit MORE writing in with kids around??? LOL. It's all about balance, my friends.)

And so the second reason I used this poem, is to help me remember to keep my priorities in order so I never feel like Riley did when he wrote this stanza:

"God pity, heart that repelled her,
And the cold hand that turned her away,
And take, from the lips that denied her,
This answerless prayer of to-day!
Take Lord, from my mem'ry forever
That pitiful sob of despair,
And the patter and trip of the little bare feet,
And the one piercing cry on the stair!"

This is hung on the wall in the Writing Nook! I can keep pens and a bunch of other junk in them. : )

Hope your Labor Day Weekend was great!


  1. Is that an actual scorpion? Yikes! I like your decoupaged items. I've always wanted to decoupage something. Saw them do a whole door once on a design show. I love that you chose a specific poem that has meaning to you. Good feng shui!

    1. Yep. An actual scorpion, LOL. A whole decoupaged door would be amazing. (I'm sure my husband wishes you didn't give me the idea).

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