Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PEOPLE ARE KIND (whether they will admit it or not).

Yesterday a retention dike broke just above my neighborhood. My home is fine. It's up on higher ground. But several of my neighbors and many others were not so lucky. 

And you know what happens in a time like this? 
Amazing things. 
And people start to to get the itch to do something . . . anything.

Well, I decided that I could organize a drive for donations, and by doing that, a lot of other people could do "something" too. 

I set it up and the response was immediate and amazing. 
Here is a picture of my drive-way earlier this afternoon. (you should have seen it an hour after I took the picture). I ended up with two truckloads of donations which I was able to drive around the corner and deliver to five families affected by the flood.

 And the cool part was that most of this came from complete strangers to me. 
And that is why I say . . . in this crazy world we live in with shootings, and wars, and dishonesty, and hate . . . deep down, people are kind (whether they will admit it or not.)