Wednesday, April 23, 2014


So, you know my picture book manuscript THE JACKRABBIT WHO CRIED GILA MONSTER that I entered into the Fractured Fairy Tale Contest on Susanna Hill's blog a while ago . . . well, it was one of the top 10 finalists (and today I received in the mail a signed copy of Sudipta Barnhard-Quallen's SNORING BEAUTY as my prize, yay!)

Well, Susanna must love doing contests, because now she is holding a contest for illustrators. And what a nice surprise when I learned that each entry must illustrate a mock cover of one of the finalist stories in the Fractured Fairy Tale Contest.

Four entries chose to illustrate a mock cover of my story. You have to check these out, they are fabulous. Seriously, this has been the funnest thing ever to see an artist's interpretation of one of my stories.
Here are the links to their entries on their blogs:

Teresa Robeson's Entry
Julie Rowan-Zoch's Entry
Laura Miller's Entry
Tiemdow Phumiruk's Entry

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